Communications and media relations

Identifying communicational routes
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Communications and media relations

Ital Communications offers different tools to develop strategic marketing plans and support the image and the customer’s activities through the media and institutions in order to engage and attract an increasing number of stakeholders, whilst also supporting business strategies.

The activity consists in identifying communicational routes, translated into specific plans where necessary. We also make video presentations and produce video advertising, create advertising for TV and Institutions, infographics, reports, documentaries and video interviews.

Through our network we support the company’s reputation in order to create positive feedback within the media. Thanks to our tireless work in communications on the most important social networks, we endeavour to expand the company visibility to new users or markets.

Our focus is to implement and protect “brand reputation” promoting the public image of the company’s top management, while maintaining good relations with the media.

Ital Communications will work to develop marketing strategies based on market signals and company profile developing a business network during specific events and preparing a precise crisis management plan.