Legislative Monitoring

Reading of parliamentary and governmental acts
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Legislative Monitoring

Legislative Monitoring consists in a precise reading of parliamentary and governmental acts to understand the training process and content. It is expressed in the following activities:

  • Mapping of Institutional Subjects;
  • Profiling the strategic institutional partners for the customer;
  • Monitoring the activities of the following Institutional Subjects: Government (Presidency of the Council and Ministries), Senate and Chamber of Deputies (Permanent Parliamentary Commissions and inquiry), Independent Authorities, European Parliament and European Commission.

In detail, the service is expressed in a daily or weekly (on demand) bulletin which is concerned with the following acts:

  • Measures of interest published in the Official Journal;
  • Official business of the Committees and Parliamentary sittings including the presentation of proposals and draft laws, texts and amendments, policy guidelines, voting;
  • Acts of Union inspection: report of interrogations, interpellations;
  • Acts of Government activity: motions, resolutions, agendas, surveys;
  • Activities of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers: meetings, reports of proceedings and reports on the approved documents; decrees, circulars and ministerial regulations.